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What is Chiropractic?

As your local Chiropractor in Mt Gravatt, we will ensure that you get the very best of Chiropractic care. Chiropractic is based on the scientific premise that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism, with these functions being controlled by the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves of the body.

A Chiropractor looks at the relationship between your body’s structure, being primarily the spine and the pelvis, and your body’s function, coordinated by the nervous system. Nurturing this relationship can affect the preservation and restoration of your health. Basically, good health depends, in part, on a normally functioning nervous system.

When under the proper control of your nervous system, all the cells, tissue, and organs of your body are designed to function well and resist disease and ill health. However, interferences to the nervous system can disrupt the transmission of controlling nerve impulses. For example, a common interference to the nervous system is the twenty-four moving bones of the spinal column. A loss of normal motion or position of these bones can irritate or impair the function of the nervous system, therefore affecting your body’s ability to function well. This is why we believe a healthy spine = a healthy life!

Here’s where Daniel Bank, Chiropractor Mt Gravatt, comes in. We're a Chiropractic practice that aims to improve your nervous system primarily through chiropractic adjustments, focusing on the spine, skull and pelvis, to help remove any interference that may be impairing your health!

Healthy Spine = Healthy Life!

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Why Get Chiropractic Care?

There is a common misconception that chiropractors just deal with bad backs and they push bones back into place. Chiropractic is actually about maintaining your nervous system.

Your Brain and nerves control about every function within your body 24/7. This includes all those things you don’t need to think about like how many time your heart beats, or how to digest your last meal. The thing is, because of our lifestyles, stress, strains and old injuries, we can put stress or pressure on a nerve and whatever part of the body that nerve runs to is going to be affected. The thing is, only 10% of the nerves in your body actually register pain so sometimes you can have pressure or stress on a nerve for weeks, months and years without you actually being consciously aware that it’s there.

Unfortunately, during that time, your body will start to suffer and you become unwell. The basic philosophy of Chiropractic is that your body has an incredible ability to heal itself, given the right environment and no interference. At BodyWise Chiropractic in Mt. Gravatt, we believe that by staying well adjusted through our holistic approach of “Move Well, Eat Well & Think Well” you will be sure to experience an unprecedented level of health and vitality.

“Your health and longevity are determined by how you are healing and NOT how you are feeling. How you are feeling and how you are healing are not necessarily related. In fact, how you feel can actually be one of the poorest ways to measure the true status of your health”

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Your First Visit to BodyWise Chiropractic

$99 - Chiropractor Mt Gravatt - New Patient Offer - Exam, Consult & Adjustment

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When you first enter the BodyWise wellness centre in Mount Gravatt, you will be greeted by our friendly administration staff and made to feel at home and comfortable. Our staff will ask you to fill out our new patient information form or you can download this New Patient Form Here

Daniel Bank, a Doctor of Chiropractic, will take you through a series of specific questions to determine your level of health, your expectations, and your future health goals. This time will also be used to establish whether chiropractic is right for you.

After your history and goals have been discussed, a chiropractic examination will be performed to locate subluxations, a physical and neurological examination will also be performed. For adults radiographs are often taken so we can obtain a complete picture of your spinal health and subluxation patterns.

Radiographs help the Chiropractors at BodyWise to rule out any more serious health concerns so that we can give you the very best recommendations for you and your health. We will also discuss a treatment plan to enhance your ongoing health and wellbeing.